Nice Public Trampling Clip

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Nice Public Trampling Clip

Post by Protero » Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:52 am

Trampling has many facets to it that make it so enjoyable.  In addition to the physicality of it, there are many areas of it that simply touch the mind.  For example, unknown trampling or public trampling... Both of these are probably less physical than a great portion of trampling that one can potentially receive, however, it has the added component of that 'mind trip' that makes it even better sometimes than just raw trampling.

Here's a clip that I saw today that reached into my mind and created a fantasy.  This is public trampling and was on youtube.  In my opinion, it can hold its own against any pay clip.  Kudos to the creator of this.

There are soooo many things I enjoy about this clip.  The physique of the trampler is fantastic.  Her thighs and the shape of her body within that skirt and the rhythm of her trampling makes it hard for me to take my eyes off her.  I like trampling that has a rhythm.  It is hard to explain what I mean by rhythm.  Rhythm to me doesn't necessarily mean it is predictable.  For example, if you have gone to a strip club and received a lap dance, you know what I mean.  The lady performing the dance has somewhat of a routine that she does, and you can tell when she reboots her routine and starts it over again.  Rhythm has more of a purpose to it... Maybe more of a prodding along, a gradual breaking down, or an advancement that seems organized in some way.  Hard to explain for me...

As if the great trampling from the wonderful lady isn't enough, this clip also packs the mind trip of being outdoors and capturing people passing by.  I am always a skeptic so I don't know if this was completely candid, or they staged it so people they knew walked past.   I would highly lean towards it being an authentic candid experience rather than staged.   The only detail that jumped out at me was that no one even looked or acknowledged the woman standing on this guy.  Probably nothing though :-)  Anyway, it is an awesome clip and extremely enjoyable.  Thank you to whomever created this clip.  It is superb.

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