Bloody Nose Face Trample

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Bloody Nose Face Trample

Post by Protero » Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:02 am

Here's a nice little clip that I came across on one of the tube sites the other day.  The description made it sound a lot worse than what it was.  Granted, the guy gets a bloody nose, but I was expecting a little more cruelty.  Being under Lynne has really conditioned me to expect more from face trampling with a 'brutal description'.  Lynne has a way of standing on my face and positioning herself so I am in a large amount of pain.  Her kicks and stomps make me see flashes of light.  When she is perched on my face, she seems to center herself and force all her weight down, and there's nothing I can really do.

Anyway, enough about my situation, here's a clip you may or may not enjoy.  The quality is good, it is well lit, and the woman is relentless.  The guy cries out in pain a couple times.  She walks over his face, kicks his face, and does punish him quite a bit.  She has big meaty soles and they seem to cover his face.

About 3/4th way through, the guy begins to sniff a lot.  I think he wants her to give him a nosebleed as he kind of sticks his nose up in the air at one point.  I like this clip because I like to imagine that the guy is helpless and the woman doesn't care at all about him.  Towards the end, the guy's nose does begin to bleed.  She ends up getting it all over her soles and shoes it to the camera as she poses with her foot on his face.  That is pretty interesting to see and I did enjoy watching that.  She has a nice soft cruel laugh and her legs have a nice thickness to them that makes me feel like she has power.

It isn't continuous trampling (she doesn't stand on him the whole time), but she does walk back and forth over him and his face.  In my opinion, it isn't super brutal, but it is good and I wouldn't consider it 'soft'.  Good job to the guy that made this.  Check it out.  If you like face trampling with a bit of cruelty, you might really enjoy this one.

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