Nice legs, nice calves, nice feet, nice trample

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Nice legs, nice calves, nice feet, nice trample

Post by Protero » Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:28 am

These past couple weeks have been pretty busy with respect to work, so I haven't had much time to go through any archives and dig out content that I felt worthy of sharing.  Here is a little clip in the meantime though.  It is a little trampling beside a bar.  The guy is bare chested and the woman has a nice figure with a nice little tight dress on.  I like this clip because the woman is dressed nicely.  She is dressed in normal clothes that a lady would wear during a normal day.  I'm not sure of the language, but she doesn't sound like she is being all that dominant.  She does seem to enjoy his grunts and groans though and seems to enjoy digging the balls of her feet into his chest.  I love seeing her calves and legs during this trample.  She has a nice tan and as you can probably tell from my wife's skin tone, I like that :-)

Overall, It is a nice slow and sensual trample.  It is a nice clip to watch and rather relaxing as well.  Hope you enjoy.

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