Skype Interactive Trample III

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Skype Interactive Trample III

Post by Protero » Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:57 am

So today, Lynne had another request for a Skype trample.  This time with a closer camera angle.  I was told it would consist primarily of foot worship, but alas, my face is more sore now than it has been in quite a while.  Lynne accepts donations for these types of interactive webcam "sessions" and I said to her jokingly that whatever she received, she needed to raise the price.  My face is still sore and I have this deep purple line running down the left of my face near my nose. :-)

I am so sad though... I had high hopes for the video, but unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties with the video camera.  Here's how I set it up... Hopefully you get a chuckle out of my little drawing.  Freestyle in Gimp :-)


Basically, I had two laptops.  I placed one laptop on the floor, and turned on skype with video through the webcam.  I attached a monitor to the laptop and placed the monitor on the table.  This was so Lynne could see what she was doing and could provide better results to the viewer.  Lynne used the second laptop to type to the viewer and read the viewer's request/response.  She could sit in her chair and communicate with the viewer without needing to bend down to the other laptop.  I then set up the video camera to record to the right of the laptop on the floor.  This was my mistake.  I should have paid attention to where it was aiming or I should have moved it back a bit so even if I moved it would still capture it.

From what I can tell, the webcam captured the abuse rather well so the viewer was able to see it, but the angle that I put my little camera at did not capture much of the facial abuse.  It captured some of the foot worship well, but the stomping, kicking, etc. to my face was only partially captured.  For that reason, I'll put the clip here on the blog only.  I cannot justify putting it in the store.  Lynne suggested we do another tomorrow, but I don't know if I can.  I'm pretty whooped and mentally drained.

To be honest, this was more abuse than I have experienced in quite some time.  It took everything I had not to quit and give up.  Lynne kept getting inside my head.  She would ask me something and expect a response.  I think she asked me if I wanted more.  I would utter 'No'.  Then she would continue and keep asking me.  I would eventually assume she just wanted me to say "yes" and then she would stop.  But NO!  I uttered "yes", but she just continued!  I was getting so frustrated.  My face was breaking down, my spirit was breaking down, my eyes were actually watering when it was over.  ugh.. What a mental beating.

I just finished uploading this clip.  It is split into 3 parts.  In total, its around 27 minutes.  I cut out a bit of the beginning where Lynne was establishing communication with the viewer.

Here's a screen shot from the first video.  It consists primarily of foot worship.


As you can see, my fat ass takes up a large portion of the video screen.  :-)  I am still kicking myself for not verifying that everything looked good before I took the onslaught of abuse from Lynne.  What can I do now though... Nothing, so I just have to accept it and stop whining. hah.  The second and third parts is where it gets worse.  That's when the abuse picks up and Lynne goes to town on me.  She kicked my face so hard I literally saw stars.  Actually, it isn't starts, but bright bright lights.  Almost like looking at the sun.  She would stand on my face and I could feel and hear my nose squish.  Her feet broke me down so much that I nearly started to just accept it.  My spirit can be strong and I don't like to be beaten, so at times, I would get the urge to lash out at her, but she quickly stifled that.

I could tell that she was really enjoying herself.  Every clip we do, I am amazed at how much fun she has.  If you like this stuff.  Please spread the word.  She needs to know that people appreciate this side of her.  It is really rough on me, but at the same time, I want her to let herself be free and understand that she does have power inside her.  I want her to feel ok with that power and understand that this is a good outlet for it.

These clips are available in our Silencio VIP section: VIP Link
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