Little high heel trample story

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Little high heel trample story

Post by Protero » Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:29 am

I've been a little busy the last few days, but wanted to get something down that happened a couple days ago.  A fan of Lynne's gave her an Amazon Gift Card and she decided she wanted this pair of heels.  She ordered [restrict] them, and they arrived a couple days ago.  After trying them on, she walked over to me and requested... no.. actually went as far as ordering me to lay on the ground.  I knew what she was thinking and I began my protest.  I would classify it as whining.  If I heard someone else do what I did, I would think... Jeez, what a baby.  It is weird how the body can take one form of pain rather well, but not another.  For instance, I have no problem with needles.  I can have blood taken, receive 10 shots in one session, and there isn't much of a problem.  When I think about Lynne trampling me in her heels, I begin to panic.  I am still unsure as to why I feel they hurt so much.  I look at pictures and videos of others being trampled and wonder what is wrong with me.

Anyway, after I saw that Lynne wasn't going to take no for an answer, I laid down on the floor.  I wanted to lay on my stomach because when it comes to heels, my back can take more abuse than my chest... But unfortunately, Lynne specified for me to lay down on my back.  I did so.  Even though I hate being trampled in heels, I love that Lynne enjoys it.

She stepped up on me and told me to relax.  I could begin to feel the heels sinking in.  They felt like little knives pushing through my skin.  Slowly the sank deeper.  I was thankful that I had a shirt on.  Lynne began to press more of her weight down onto her heels.  She stood and as I looked up at her, she looked incredible.  It is fascinating how our minds work.  Even though I was in pain, and hating that I was under a pair of heels, looking up at Lynne really started to work on my mind.  I began to relax.  She increased the pain and told me to not think about it.  She told me to think about the movie that we watched last night.  She said to remember the movie and play it through in my mind so that I would not think about the pain she was causing.  Lynne was actually getting inside my head.  She was helping me to take the pain better.  She was beginning to increase my threshold.

Her heels were sinking in deep.  She would get off every once in a while to look at the marks she made.  Even though I don't like heels, I do love the marks they make on my skin and from what I could tell, Lynne did also.  She would leave deep marks and then look at them.  She would say things like.. "So nice, we should take some pictures for the blog".   I just chuckled because I am embarrassed at my low tolerance for heels and try to refrain from posting any of my trample stuff where I am under them.  I am sure that to someone into heels, my suffering is minimal.  For me, it is like water boarding. :-)

After my chest and stomach were marked up quite a bit, Lynne had me roll over onto my stomach. She proceeded to walk all over my back in her heels.  She started to stand on my ass and become playful.  I had to twist and turn because I knew what she was going to try to do.  The back walking only lasted for a couple minutes.  She eventually stepped down as we both had to go out for a bit.

Last night, I showed the marks to Lynne and was surprised that the were wearing off.  She said something like... Of course, I didn't dig in like I wanted to.  I tried to go easy on you.  She then asked me if I wanted marks that would last for at least 4 days.   I decided that I wasn't ready for that and declined her gracious offer. ;-)

I'll try to practice more.  I don't think I'll ever get to the upper echelons of heel trampling, but hopefully I can do something that people would say.. "not bad!"
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