Yet Another Skype Trample (4)

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Yet Another Skype Trample (4)

Post by Protero » Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:19 am

These interactive Skype tramples seem to be very popular.  I guess from the viewer's perspective they are fun to watch and they can create their personal video on the fly.

For me, it can be quite scary to be at the mercy of the viewer.  It is like getting trampled by someone for the first time.  When you meet that girl, and you don't know what it will be like.  It has a similar feeling.  I know that Lynne will trample me, but I am unaware of what she will do.  Typically, she does what she enjoys, but when you take into account the mind of a trample enthusiast, it turn Lynne into a wrecking machine.

Lynne on the other hand loves these Skype tramples.  During our morning walk, she conveyed to me that there is something special about someone wanting to watch her trample so much that they give her a donation for it.  She said that it gives her a sense of power.  Someone she has never met, someone that she does not even know who they are, enjoys something she does enough to give her something like that.  She said it makes her feel famous. :-)

Anyway, on to the trampling... The request was for Flip Flops.  That's pretty much all I knew.  Lynne told me that there would be some licking and worship.  I was hoping to watch some football, but the game I was interested in wouldn't come on for another few hours.  I agreed and began to set up the camera.  Lynne went and got her laptop and she positioned it.  This time as I set up the camera, I tried to keep in mind my body and tried to capture the action from a good angle.  I believe I was successful this time.  When I watched it back, I didn't see anything glaringly wrong.

The action started pretty soon after they connected on skype.  It started how I expected.  Lynne sat down, placed her flip flops on my mouth and had me start licking the soles.  The flip flops were not the cleanest things in the world.  If you remember, I am not a huge  fan of foot worship, so for me, this was something that I was not too excited to do.  This didn't stop Lynne though, she proceeded to wipe her feet on my tongue.  She even started to push her flip flop'd foot down my throat.  From time to time, she would show the webcam the bottom of her foot.  It sounded like the guy on the other end of the skype web cam enjoyed it.  :-)

Lynne kept abusing my mouth with her feet.  This went on for quite a while.  I realized after watching the video that my mouth and nose were making sounds that I could not control.  When she would step down on my face, I could hear the squishes of my nose under her foot.  Sometimes she would show the guy the bottom of her feet while she stood on my head or face.  During those moments, it was as if she completely forgot I was under her feet.

At times, she would hop off and chat with the guy.  This Skype trample was different because the guy would communicate via voice to Lynne.  I had never heard anyone that watched our tramples before.  One time though, I heard the guy ask for Lynne to use my face as a foot rest.  Unfortunately, Lynne did not learn 'footrest' and therefore did not understand what the guy was asking for. That's one of the things that is hard about the skype tramples.  A lot of times, Lynne doesn't quite understand what the guy wants to see.  I tried to help her out a bit by telling her to sit down.  I was hoping she would understand.  Another little bit of honest, but I did that for selfish reasons too :-)  Lynne was crushing my face and I wanted her to stop so badly.  My face was in pain, but there was no stop on her part.  She followed my suggestion though and sat down.

Even though she sat down, the pain continued.  Since her last skype trample, she started to really enjoy making me say Yes to her tramplings.  She would kick or slap me, and ask me if I wanted more.  I would honestly say NO... but she wouldn't have it.. So she would punish me until I gave in and said YES.  Even after that, she would continue.  So it is like a lose-lose for me.  Crazy!

This one has some hard face slaps and face trample.  My face is very red and my cheeks look like I was outside on a cold winter day.  They will most certainly start peeling within a day or two.  Overall, what I thought was to be a soft trample with some foot worship turned out to be quite a bit of abuse on my face.

The viewer had fun though... Lynne sent me this.
"Best cam show ever. Lucky husband."
I'm glad he was able to enjoy.  Lynne loves to trample and I love to share her trampling with others.  In the store, it is about 12.99, but I'll make it about 1000 points here.

I forgot to mention but at the end, Lynne started laughing... She told me that she was watching the guy enjoy himself while she was trampling me.  She seemed to enjoy.  I noticed that she laughs rather loud. hahaha

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