Another Favorite from Bojana

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Another Favorite from Bojana

Post by Protero » Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:15 am

I thought I posted this one before.  It is one of my all-time favorites.  I want to respect this site so I don't want to post too many, but  I looked around for this clip on their site and could not find it.  I'm assuming they floated it out on the internet for us to enjoy.

This clip has so many elements that are great.  The woman has this Gothic look about her that exudes power.  That, combined with her use of a non-english language cause me to think of her as one of my favorites.  She is very prolific when it comes to her clip creation and I have seen many different scenarios.  She seems to be an artist at heart.  I have seen clips of her painting while her slave husband licks her feet.  Quite a trip to watch.

The clip below is one that I have seen years ago.  It starts with her slowly removing her black stockings from her pale yet supple legs.  She has on a little black skirt that accentuates her figure.  She pushes the stocking in his mouth while looking at him like she despises him. Whew!  The second stocking comes off and follows suit.  After a shocking slap to his face, the camera angle changes.  The view is looking up at her.  You can see the side of his face and her standing on his head.  She wipes her feet on his head and face thoroughly while smoking a cigarette.  There is music playing in the background.  It puts your mind into this deep and dark place.  When you watch the clip, you can't help but feel submission to this woman.  What is great about this clip is that throughout all this 'torture', the man never drops the stockings from his whimpering mouth.  It is a 10 minute clip.  Amazing control :-)

Whew.. anyway, in my opinion, this is a must see.  If you own this clip, then you have my utmost gratitude for producing it, it is my hope that you allow us to continue to enjoy.

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