Skype Interactive Trample II

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Skype Interactive Trample II

Post by Protero » Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:13 am

My wife had another request the other day. She is really having fun with this and the end result is a old broken man (me!). hah. She had a request for some high heel shoe and barefoot worship. The request was that she make me worship her feet.

Now, I am not big on foot worship.  I think the soles of the feet feel good pressing against my face, but as far as licking and sucking on them.  I'm not a huge fan.  This however, did not stop my wife from having me worship her shoes and feet.  I had to lick them, suck on the heels, kiss them and stick my tongue out so my wife could rub her shoes and feet over it.  My tongue felt like sandpaper when she was finished. If I had just won a million dollars and had to send in my name and address, I would miss out on winning because my tongue was so dry I wouldn't even be able to lick an envelop closed.

My wife went back and forth between skype and me. She must have been having a fun time because I kept hearing her laugh. Afterwards, she sent me some of the messages that she was sending and receiving. I guess the viewer told her to do something she wanted, and when she came back to me, she basically demolished me. Stomping on my chest, twisting her feet in my fat body, stepping on my neck, pushing her foot down my throat. It took everything I had not to gag. I think a couple times I did though as I could not refrain.

This clip is about 30+ minutes, but I'm going to reduce it in points because there was a lot of down time when she would go back to the computer and chat.  Hopefully you can still enjoy though.  The viewer left these parting words: " hahahaha yeah, I think so too :P but thank you so much!! it was the most amazing video ever!! "

Hope everyone else can enjoy as well. My wife had a LOT of fun.

To the gentleman that contacted my wife.  I am glad you enjoyed.  Lynne did indeed enjoy herself.  She was laughing so much after I told her that I could still taste her feet.  She forwarded me some of the messages, because she thought some of the stuff you said was really funny. haha  She was right.  Kudos to you and thanks for being a gentleman.  I'm going to paste some excerpts  from the chat that she sent... Please note: names have been changed to protect the innocent :-)

[3:31:01 AM] Viewer: I can of course! you can walk through a muddy field and I would clean to that standard ;)
[3:31:14 AM] Lynne: wow.. i like it
[3:31:34 AM] Lynne: i love when my shoes is sooo dirty and you'll cleaan it
[3:31:36 AM] Lynne: ahahaha
[3:31:41 AM] Lynne: make me so powerful


[3:44:29 AM] Lynne: very good.. glad you like it
[3:44:35 AM] Lynne i am so happy
[3:44:48 AM] Lynne bec i torture my husband again
[3:44:50 AM] Lynne: ahahahahaha
[3:45:02 AM] Viewer: HAHAHA! when you got married, was in the wedding vowes?
[3:45:08 AM] Viewer: I promise to torture my husband?
[3:45:30 AM] Lynne: ahahaha.. i say my vowes only in my mind
[3:45:31 AM] Lynne: ahahaha
[3:45:35 AM] Lynne: nobody knows
[3:45:37 AM] Lynne: only me

... and...

[3:45:55 AM] Lynne: you want to see more????
[3:46:07 AM] Viewer: yeah I'd love to :P what would YOU like to do to him now? :P
[3:46:24 AM] Lynne: stomp himmmm... and jump
[3:46:25 AM] Lynne: hahahahah
[3:46:36 AM] Lynne: make him hurt and suffer

Sheesh.. Lynne can be so cruel sometimes. :-) Hopefully you can enjoy.

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