Black and White Steel Heel Trample

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Black and White Steel Heel Trample

Post by Protero » Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:34 am

Just a quick update for the moment.  Lynne and I are headed to a function and will be busy for most of the day.

Something that is different, even just a little bit appeals to me.  I like variation and this clip does not stray far from the norm, but it does have a black trampler and a white trampler.  Attractive women on a guy that can take a good dose of heels.

There's a very dominant way about the women as they stand on the slaves hand as he cries out in pain.  Their laughs, the size of their bodies, all great.  They both have nice sized legs that make me feel like they are strong women.   The clip is about 10 minutes long and has some good high heel trampling.  There's not a lot of stomping, but I like the way they dig their heels into his flesh.

Some of the screaming from one of the Dommes is a bit over the top (as in overacting) :-) but the clip is a nice one to watch.  It is great to see the heels digging in like needles.  This guy takes a lot more than I can take so kudos to him.

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