Live trample via Skype

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Live trample via Skype

Post by Protero » Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:04 am

Lynne had a request for a live trample via Skype.  She accepted a donation for it in the form of a Money Pak.  Unfortunately, the money pack number that she received said invalid number and she was unable to deposit the funds in her account.   We never want to cheat anyone or be unfair, so, as promised, we continued with the live Skype trample even though the number was invalid.  If we were naive, and given a faulty number, then karma will take care of it :-) and if not, then the gentleman that purchased the money pak still deserves to see what he was promised.  So either way, the only right thing to do was continue.  And continue we did :-)  Update: The error was corrected, the gentleman gave us a new number that we could use and it worked.

The gentleman enjoyed kicking and stomping much more than trampling, so that is what this video focus on.  I must say that his desires turned out to be quite brutal.  I don't think Lynne has kicked or stomped me as hard as she did in this video.

The beginning of the video is spent trying to get that dang money pak number to work.  She finally called me over to see if I could do anything but it kept saying invalid when I punched it in.  If anyone has any advice about that, I'd love to hear it.  Anyway, I'm going to try to edit that long span of time out.  I plan on putting this clip on clips4sale and don't want people to have to spend money on something where there is no action.

After the action starts, Lynne begins her trample.  She uses as much force as she can muster up and begins to dish out her form of abuse.  She stomps, tramples, jumps and kicks.  She is wearing her workout clothes so she has a great amount of flexibility when she jumps and kicks.  After the first "set", I can tell that I am in for a lot of pain and suffering.  The only thing I am enjoying about this is that when Lynne goes to the computer, she ends up bending over and I can take a peek at her 'bottom' ;-) I don't think she knew I was doing that, but I couldn't resist.  She has quite a nice bottom if I do say so myself.

The second set was more punishment.  There was throat standing that left me very winded.  I almost reached up and grabbed her to get off on several occasions but I tried to tough it out and resist.  I was thankful when she would get off and go back to Skype and talk to the viewer.  From what she told me, he seemed to be very happy with the results.  She sent me some of the chat logs for me to see.

Here's a snippet from what she sent me... Note: All names have been changed

[11:27:54 AM] Lynne: what do you think?
[11:28:03 AM] Viewer: great
[11:28:07 AM] Lynne: good
[11:28:22 AM] Viewer: he should be hurting
[11:28:29 AM] Lynne: yes....
[11:28:37 AM] Lynne: i'll show you
[11:28:41 AM] Viewer: lol u like it to
[11:28:47 AM] Lynne: yes
[11:30:30 AM] Lynne: hahahaha
[11:30:39 AM] Viewer: lol thats so cool
[11:30:40 AM] Lynne: my legs
[11:30:46 AM] Lynne: yeah
[11:30:56 AM] Lynne: get hurt
[11:30:58 AM] Lynne: hahahaha
[11:31:10 AM] Viewer: kick him in stomach
[11:31:15 AM] Viewer: lol
[11:31:18 AM] Lynne: sure
[11:31:57 AM] Lynne: what else?
[11:32:00 AM] Viewer: great
[11:32:16 AM] Viewer: stand on throat
[11:32:28 AM] Lynne: i will..
[11:33:51 AM] Viewer: he will be sore
[11:34:00 AM] Lynne: yes,, i can tell

Lynne kept coming back with new vicious ways to torture me.  One time she had me lay on my side with my back against the wall and delivered some intense kicks to my midsection.  I was doing everything I could to take the blows.  Lynne was having so much fun... Check out what she said:

[11:38:59 AM] Lynne: i kicked so hard
[11:39:17 AM] Viewer: i have benn trampled by 2 but not has hard as you
[11:39:33 AM] Lynne: i trampled so hard
[11:39:40 AM] Viewer: i see
[11:40:04 AM] Lynne: and my husband complaining a little bit bec i dig so hard
[11:40:21 AM] Viewer: he complaining right now
[11:40:28 AM] Lynne: i can tell
[11:40:31 AM] Lynne: on his face
[11:40:40 AM] Lynne: he is hurting a lot
[11:40:49 AM] Viewer: lol thats good
[11:40:55 AM] Lynne: ahahaha
[11:41:05 AM] Lynne: what's next?

She was eager to continue the abuse.  We were supposed to set a time limit (20 minutes I think), but both of us forget. I think Lynne got wrapped up in the moment and just enjoyed herself so much.  I don't think either of us knew how long we went.  She was having fun, and seemed to forget about the time.  I think it is ok though because she would go back and forth between dishing out abuse and skyping with the viewer.

Finally, Lynne brought it to a close.  I think we were both exhausted and ready for bed.  The time on the chat log is misleading as Lynne still has her computer set on her hometown timezone.  Here's the last snippet of log.

[11:52:44 AM] Lynne: welcome.. will end this now. need to rest..
[11:52:55 AM] Viewer: ok
[11:52:56 AM] Lynne: hope you enjoyed it
[11:53:06 AM] Viewer: i did very much
[11:53:12 AM] Lynne: coz im enjoying it alot
[11:53:18 AM] Viewer: lol
[11:53:23 AM] Viewer: i can tell
[11:53:28 AM] Lynne: i love when he is hurting
[11:53:41 AM] Viewer: go kick him again
[11:53:49 AM] Viewer: judt kidding
[11:53:55 AM] Viewer: lol
[11:54:06 AM] Lynne: hahaha.. ok need to go now
[11:54:14 AM] Viewer: bye

Well, I'll do a quick edit to get rid of the very loooong intro of message exchanges and throw this up on Clips4Sale.  I have no clue if this will sell or people would enjoy this... but Lynne had a blast and that's what matters.

These clips are available in our Silencio VIP section: VIP Link
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