Sofia's First Trample - Part II

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Sofia's First Trample - Part II

Post by Protero » Mon May 30, 2016 1:59 am

First part here: Sofia's First Trample - Part I

So Sunday (the following day) rolls around and I am waiting for Lynne to say, Sofia decided not to come. That message never came though and as the time approached, I became more nervous. I can't figure out why I get nervous, it is just partly a rush, and anxiety over the unknown. How will I react? Will she think this is crazy and quit? What if we have visitors while she is trampling and I need to answer the door? (That has actually happened before).

Fast forward... Sofia has arrived and Lynne and Sofia are chatting more about what they want to do. Lynne naturally wanted to wear her heels, but I am terrible when it comes to heels that I eventually persuaded her to go barefoot. I am thankful I did, but at the same time, I feel weak for not being able to take what Lynne wants. Lynne wanted to record, so we set up some cameras around the spot and got down to it.

I could tell Sofia was eager. She was smiling and seemed like she couldn't wait to get started. It was interesting to watch the two of them starting to get excited about trampling. I knew that Sofia didn't really understand what it was, but her eagerness was contagious and I found myself happy to be the one to give her this experience.

Lynne started first and started showing Sofia what trampling really is. She pulled Sofia over and as Lynne was standing on me, I could feel the hesitation from Sofia. She was at odds with herself. She is young, and a nice person that doesn't want to hurt someone, but at the same time, she I could tell that she really wanted to do this. Lynne kept reassuring her it was ok. I could feel her stepping up and the experience began.

We were able to capture some of Sofia's first experience on camera. It is in the clipstore, but I will also place it in the VIP section.

I can tell that Sofia enjoyed it. She was beaming when she got done and said she really enjoyed the experience. We went to the mall after and the girls went shopping. All throughout our time there, she kept looking at me and asking me how my face was. They would look at my ear, comment on how purple it was and then proceed to laugh. I truly believe that when Sofia allows herself to open up and know that it is ok to be mean and hurt someone, she will be unstoppable.

That was Sunday.

Sofia asked when we can do 'it' again and I told her that I usually need about a week between tramplings. She suggested next week and sure enough, when that day came, she texted Lynne and asked how our clips were doing in the store. She seemed so excited to know that people would actually enjoy seeing her. I could tell that she wanted to come over and do more trampling.

Here's some photos of Lynne and Sofia trampling.
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