Sofia's First Trample - Part I

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Sofia's First Trample - Part I

Post by Protero » Mon May 30, 2016 1:26 am

Lynne was invited to a birthday party and asked another nearby friend (Sofia) if she would like to join her. Sofia said yes, and I was the designated chauffeur. The party was down town and after I picked Sofia up, we had a good 30 minutes to go before we arrived at our destination. Sofia is somewhat of a new friend to Lynne and they started chatting. I couldn't understand about 90% of it since it was not in English, but I would catch the occasional drift of the discussion.

Out of the blue, Lynne started talking about something and I heard her utter the words 'video'. My ears perked up. This wouldn't be the first time Lynne discussed trampling one of her friends, but she has never done it with me around before. I strained to understand what they were talking about. I would hear familiar words such as trampling, and feet, and other trample related words.

From the flow of the conversation, I could tell that Lynne was describing our trample life to Sofia. I was shocked. As I mentioned before, I have never been around when Lynne talked about trampling to her friends and to be honest, I was a bit embarrassed. Lynne, however, seemed totally confident and was not shy about it at all. I don't understand how she can do it. I could never discuss this side of our life with my friends or family, but she has no problem doing it.

After more discussion and hearing Sofia asking questions, Lynne offered her the option of trampling on me.

Again, I was shocked.

When I was single, it took me many interactions to feel comfortable enough to move forward with trampling. Lynne just took me completely off guard and out of my comfort zone. When I heard Sofia utter the words in English, "How about tomorrow?", my heart jumped into my throat. I thought to myself, "What? ... Wait!!! ... I .. ". It didn't really matter though what I was feeling or thinking because Lynne replied with a powerful confirmation of 'Yes, let's do it tomorrow afternoon'.

Ugh.. The butterflies started pummeling my stomach with iron fists. What was I going to do? I did not have the luxury of a choice. After a minute of my mind swimming, I knew my choice was made for me and we were going to do some trampling tomorrow.

Sofia started asking question after question. Lynne showed Sofia some of our video clips in the car, and Sofia started showing more and more enthusiasm. She stated asking questions like, 'Can I dance on him?', and 'Can I step on his face?'.

As I heard the discussions, it felt so surreal. There I was, in the same car, but it was if Lynne and Sofia were deciding my fate for me. The whole rest of the evening I could feel my nerves. I knew that a commitment was given and there was no backing out. That was Saturday.
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