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Tube 2.0

Post by Protero » Thu Aug 20, 2015 12:28 am

I started working on a new site. The previous version was purchased by myself and then modified by myself to incorporate some of the features that I wanted (or didn't want). Now with a better understanding of the beautiful MVC frameworks, I am going to introduce a new version of

This version will appear quite similar to the current version, however about 95% of it will be written from scratch. The other 5% will use the existing database models to provide a smooth transition to 2.0. I am open to suggestions, however, I plan on the following roll out:

- Release 2.0 -
Do everything the current version does (albeit cleaner)
Be more mobile friendly. When I looked at the other site from a mobile device, I could barely use it. 2.0 should be more mobile friendly.

- Release 2.1 -
Provide notifications via email to users when one of their media items receives a comment
Provide a message mailbox for users to send messages to each other
Build a framework for Admins to administer media
Add new thumbs up/down for each media item.

- Release 2.2 -
Provide options to see if a video has been cached
Provide more statistics, such as number of video uploads for each user

- Release 2.5 -
Build a bridge between and (forum)

Again, I'm open to ideas. I will also be on the lookout for admins. If you are someone that has a passion for this 'stuff' and are interested in making (and a better place, please drop me a message. I will be seeking admins that can keep an eye on the site(s), provide feedback, ideas, and all around positive vibes.

I will be adding to this list with new features and modifications.
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