Become a VIP

Proterendos's VIPs

What are VIPs?
VIPs are members that consistently contribute to the board in one way or another. VIPs have access to exclusive areas within the board that contain media unavailable to standard members.

How to I become a VIP?
  • The first category of VIPs are persons that consistently contribute to the board through communication, attracting new members, sharing content, and helping the board to grow. These members do not take these actions to become a VIP, but to genuinely share and promote trampling with others. No donations are required for members within this category. Each VIP can nominate other VIP candidates. If there is a majority consensus among VIPs regarding the initiate, then the initiate will be promoted to VIP status. In addition, VIP status can be revoked if the member does not warrant VIP status.
  • The second category of VIPs are benefactors. Benefactors are members that provide a monetary donation and in return are granted VIP status for one month.
If you would like to be considered for VIP status, email us with your request. Please specify which VIP category you believe you fall under.

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